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New Team Member:

We’re really excited to say that our vehicle for this mega-fundraising adventure is now all sorted and approved for import into Mongolia! So welcome the newest member of Team Bearded Dragons: Bertie (the bus).


OK so he’s not much of a looker; but that’s not what this is about… He is a 2004, 2.4l LDV Convoy, 10-seater Minibus with a few little adaptions of our own (he used to have 17 seats, he’s losing a few for boring legal reasons but gaining some creature comforts and Mongolia-proof accessories instead…)

Bertie really is at the core of what this rally is all about, delivering and donating a work-ready utility vehicle to great causes in Central Asia. In the UK Bertie might have been heading for the scrap-heap, but we know he has a lot more to give yet.

Mechanically he’s a great runner and has just sailed through an MOT, but he does need some minor work to get him ready for such a long and rough trip. If you happen to be a mechanic, or work in coachworks/auto-bodywork, lets talk 🙂

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Need a Name

So we’ve officially gained a new member, Charlie is now part of the team, which has prompted us to try and work on an actual Team Name. So far… we have not progressed beyond photoshopping each other’s faces with ZZ Top beards… so progress is not go…

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What is this all about then?

So Tom Cardale and I (Paul Nicholls) have decided to take the leap and sign up to the Mongolia Charity Rally 2013. The rally is organised by the UK registered charity Go Help; who use the rally as a fundraising platform for their outreach projects in Central Asia. 

What’s it all about?

We’re basically going to drive 10,000 miles – virtually half way around the world – from London to Ulaanbataar in a vehicle which we will then donate to a local charity project. 

This is no package holiday and there is no guide-book – we’ll be crossing a huge range of terrain from mountain ranges to deserts; navigating ourselves around the political mine-fields of international borders and even dodging active war-zones to complete this epic journey. 

Why? Just why?

First and foremost this is a charity fundraising exercise, we’ll be raising money directly for Go Help as well as donating a vehicle to their affiliated charity projects in Mongolia. Of course it is also an epic adventure, and that is why it has appealed to us both so much. Fundraising with a difference.

Tell me more…

You can track our progress on our website, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook but most importantly of all donate to us via JustGiving.  

You can also get in touch directly via e-mail: 

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