Meetings and Clips

So the weekend before last we all met up at Team Bearded Dragon’s southern HQ to start finalising plans for the trip and give everyone the chance to get some Bertie driving practice in. 

It was also a good opportunity to make some of the minor repairs Bertie needs… If you have an LDV Convoy with door issues, Charlie and Tom are now experts in door fixing!

Bertie DoorBertie Door

We also used our first (genuine, of course) Jubilee Clip to repair a loose air duct under the bonnet. Only the finest Hose Clips are good enough for our Bertie!

Jubilee ClipsJubilee Clips

Bertie’s now off to Norfolk for a bit to stay on the Farm with Tom. He’ll be herding cows and ploughing fields in no time…(Don’t worry, there will be photos!)

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Driving Music

So we started to properly plan out our route the other day, and we’ve done a few sums…

We have around 8000 miles to cover, and Bertie (bless his cotton socks) doesn’t really like travelling at any sort of speed. We reckon we’ve got over 180 hours of driving ahead of us, that’s 10800 minutes. Or to look at it another way, we need a driving playlist of over 3000 songs….

Then we had an idea…

Why don’t we let people contribute to our Driving Playlist? A bit of web-magic from dragon-supporter Dyson later, and we have a brand new fundraising tool -where you can pick what songs you would like to add to our playlist (in exchange for the small donation of £1 per track) 

You can choose to delight, amuse, entertain, abuse or torture… the choice is yours! We promise to listen to everything you submit!

This little web tool is powered by Spotify, if you want something that isn’t available on the search just give us a shout and we’ll do it manually! We’ll post up the playlist so-far on a regular basis. There’s no limit to how many tracks you can add, or how many times the same track can be added. Payment is taken by PayPal as it’s just the easiest way to gather the money online, all donations recieved via PayPal will be used to cover the charitable expenses of running this Vehicle Delivery Project. If you’d rather donate offline or directly to GoHelp via JustGiving just let us know…

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New Team Member:

We’re really excited to say that our vehicle for this mega-fundraising adventure is now all sorted and approved for import into Mongolia! So welcome the newest member of Team Bearded Dragons: Bertie (the bus).


OK so he’s not much of a looker; but that’s not what this is about… He is a 2004, 2.4l LDV Convoy, 10-seater Minibus with a few little adaptions of our own (he used to have 17 seats, he’s losing a few for boring legal reasons but gaining some creature comforts and Mongolia-proof accessories instead…)

Bertie really is at the core of what this rally is all about, delivering and donating a work-ready utility vehicle to great causes in Central Asia. In the UK Bertie might have been heading for the scrap-heap, but we know he has a lot more to give yet.

Mechanically he’s a great runner and has just sailed through an MOT, but he does need some minor work to get him ready for such a long and rough trip. If you happen to be a mechanic, or work in coachworks/auto-bodywork, lets talk 🙂

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Exciting News

So after an exciting (and wet) mini-expedition to Wales, we think we’ve got our vehicle sorted!Full pictures and information to come as we just need to make sure everything gets rubber-stamped with all the relevant people, but we can confirm that Berti…

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