Days 1 and 2

Sorry for the slow updates, had some technical issues with phones not roaming! 

So since the launch things have been fairly uneventful…

After setting off from Horseguard’s we crawled out of London, with team Swallow Clan following us also heading for Dover. We left them at Maidstone services, but ended up meeting Mechanic Depressives and one of the Roof of the World Teams in the queue for the ferry.

As it’d been a long few days we decided to stop near Calais, and tested all our camping gear with a delightful meal of instant noodles, sausage and naan bread, washed down with some (English) beers. Tom noted that the “curry” flavour noodles just in fact, tasted of instant noodle. We got all excited because we thought there was a quiz night on the campsite, but it might have been a wedding. Either way it didn’t turn out to be any fun!

Day 2 we had a bit of a lie in, and after a quick trip to the local boulangerie for breakfast, we’ve hammered our way down to Nancy, taking a slightly unexpected route through Beligum and Luxembourg (day 2 and we’ve already been to two countries we didn’t expect!).

All camped up in Nancy now, having enjoyed a McDonalds for dinner (sorry!) and some locally brewed beer in the campsite bar.

(For ease of uploading, all photos etc only on facebook!)


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