how to help

There are a number of ways you can help make a difference and complete this vehicle delivery project:

  • Do you already have something we need? We have a long list of bits and bobs that we need to make our trip as safe, easy and successful as possible – from camping supplies to vehicle spares. Take a look at our Wish List
  • Contribute to the costs of running this project. Buying a minibus, driving it to Mongolia and getting back again all costs money! If you’d like to contribute to those costs, perhaps sponsor us for a number of miles, or pay for something specific (like a visa, vehicle part, or even return flight) let us know. We can accept donations by PayPal (see the button below) or into our team bank account (please enquire for details). You can also give us cash in person or write any of us a cheque.

  • Looking for a fun way to make a smaller donation? Try our new sponsor-our-driving-music system! For every pound donated you can add a song to our 8000 mile driving playlist, amuse or delight, torture or inflict the choice is yours! Please don’t use this for larger donations as due to the technology behind it we lose a small percentage of every donation on transaction fees.
  • Want to make sure your money gets straight to work with UK Registered Charity Go Help? All funds donated through our JustGiving page go straight to charity. On top of donating the minibus we’ll be raising a further minimum £1000 for charity by this route.
  • Companies and commercial groups can contact us to find out about our commercial sponsorship packages.

Whatever route you take your donation will only be used to help make a difference in the world….

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